LAPIX and ETUIX offer a direct line with the companies that are interested in environment-friendly projects, but that, at the same time, do not want to renounce high quality and stylish accessories.

ETUIX offers the companies, who have made use of a PVC poster in their advertising campaigns, the opportunity of recycling it to create bags, ipad and iphone covers, and all other ETUIX products: they can reuse them as gadgets for their customers, for their employees or as retail sales carrying their brand name.

The PVC sheet does not necessarily have to be recycled; it can be made on purpose by the company as a mean of advertising by creating unique and original accessories, named after their brand by the same company.

For the companies who care about the environment and the community, ETUIX provides an instrument of co-marketing and promotion which has a twofold effect: it complements the breakthrough consisting in “green communication” together with the following up of an “outdoor” campaign; so that the company show its care for environmental issues.

ETUIX provides all its creativity to make fashion items that can match your target and respect the eco-friendly philosophy which characterises the brand.
Some important companies have already chosen to communicate with their partners and customers through charming, original, unique and most of all environmentally-friendly products.

Starting from October 2018, this universities have undertaken various studies, analyzes and research on the ETUIX brand and on the company. Students in business, finance, marketing, design and fashion have taken ETUIX as a case study and are helping the development and growth in different branches of the company, with a close collaboration and an incredible teamwork.


Year of Zayed

Etuix and EEG (Emirates Environmental Group), in collaboration with Kore Productions and Footprint Outdoor Advertising, create a tangible and meaningful way of celebrating the Year of Zayed (2018).The goal of the project was to celebrate a plethora of...

Flip Flopi

Etuix is supporting the fantastic project "TheFlipFlopi" in different ways but above all with the design of PVC boat components. The goal is to bring the first 100% ecological boat to the coasts of the United Arab Emirates, in anticipation of EXPO...

Corriere del Ticino

The newspaper (Corriere del Ticino) commissioned products to us after an advertising campaign using a sheet over 350 square meters large. Thanks to this size, ETUIX succeeded to create a big number of shopper, messenger and office bags. 


This automotive industry commissioned products to us in order to recycle their advertising sheet and obtain many ETUIX messenger bags. Each bag was then supplemented with a customized, breathable, canvas bag which carried the actual bag.


Items created for the Nespresso advertising campaign: unique and breakthrough products such as the “coffee pods holder” and the “coffee caps holder”, which give a second life to the advertising sheet that Nespresso itself used as an extension of its...


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